Why There Is More to a Custom Exhaust System Than Just Performance

The aftermarket parts business in the automotive world is a huge industry, catering for those who want to personalise their cars, enjoy their motoring and stand out from the crowd. Often, upgrades are purely aesthetic and meant to turn heads, but some of the aftermarket substitutions you make can really enhance the performance of your ride. Why should you consider a custom-made exhaust, for example?

Custom Versus Standard

The exhaust system on your car when it comes out of the factory is perfectly adequate, but rudimentary. Manufacturers will cut corners where they can, so that they can try and stay ahead of the game, and this approach is not really conducive to ultimate performance. When you fit a custom-made exhaust system you can definitely improve the way that it sounds, which is great for enthusiasts, but you can also make it far more efficient on the open road, as well. When an exhaust is carefully manufactured, it will handle the gases produced more efficiently and breathe much better, enabling more power to be created by the engine.

Why the Difference?

A typical standard exhaust system is created by stamping and bending metals, which is functional but not the best approach. The interior of the system will not be as smooth as it could be and this will restrict the flow of gases around the various bands and corners. When you get a custom-made system, however the manufacturers put a lot of effort into crafting the look and the shape of the pipe, so there is much less restriction inside, better airflow and enhanced performance.

A Valuable Investment

When you invest in a custom system, you want it to last as long as possible. The good news here is that these systems are typically made of aluminium or stainless steel, rather than the mild steel used in the standard set up that is found on a typical car. It's not surprising to hear that the best, custom-made systems can last as long as the car itself.

With a Nod to Aesthetics

Don't forget as well, that looks are everything. You might say that an exhaust is basically underneath the car and can't be seen, but the tailpipe at the rear of the vehicle and the manifold underneath the bonnet can be. A custom-made system is designed to look good as well, with a larger circumference and more aggressive stance.

Talking to the Customisers

There is certainly a lot of choice in the marketplace as previously mentioned and performance systems that you can choose off-the-shelf as well. However, for the best all-round solution choose a custom fabricated unit and talk to specialists to help you make up your mind.