What You Need to Know About Wear Pattern on Your Car's Tyres

Tyres will always eventually get worn down and need replacing, but if you notice that your car's tyres get worn far too quickly, you might note the actual wear pattern. This pattern can tell you if there is a problem with the car itself or with the tyres that is causing a shorter lifespan. Note a few things you would do well to know about the wear pattern on your car's tyres so you better understand how to protect them over the years.

1. Shoulder wear

This refers to wear that covers most of just one side of the tyre and not the entire tyre. Misalignment is the most obvious cause of this; when tyres are misaligned, one side will pull or drag more than the other, causing unusual and early wear. However, you might also check for bent or damaged tie rods or ball joints in the front end. When these are worn, this can cause drag on the tyres and, in turn, wear on just one side.

2. Outside or middle wear

If tyres are worn along both shoulders or the outside edges, this is often due to under-inflation. The edges are making too much contact with the road when tyres are not properly inflated. Wear down the center typically means over-inflation, as this pushes the middle of the tyre out so it's making more contact with the road than the rest of the rubber. 

Note that you want to check your car's owner's manual for the right inflation for the car's tyres; the number you might see on the outside of the tyres is usually the maximum inflation level and not a recommended inflation. The owner's manual will also tell you the lowest inflation rate so you don't have tyres underinflated either.

3. Feathering or spotting

Unusual wear patterns are often called feathering or spotting; these can hit the tyres at any given angle or area. While wheels that have been mounted incorrectly can be the culprit, you might also note your braking patterns. Aggressive braking on a repeated basis can wear out the tyres in an uneven fashion. Worn suspension parts can also cause the tyres to hang unevenly so they wear unevenly as well. If the wheel bearings in the tyres are loose, this too can cause the tyres to hit the road unevenly so they suffer excess wear and tear but in no discernible pattern.

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