Two ways to prep your vehicle for a rural road trip

The terrain found in extremely rural areas is usually quite rugged. If your car isn't designed to be used in this type of challenging environment (that is, if it isn't a four-wheel-drive or other off-road vehicle), driving on rough terrain for more than a few days is likely to do some damage. Here are two ways to prepare your car for this type of road trip. Have a nudge bar fitted [Read More]

Auto Problems: 4 Strange Smells

If you are driving along and you smell a strange smell, it could be a warning sign that something is wrong with your car. Problems with faulty parts or leaking fluids will often result in a distinctive smell. Knowing what different smells can signal can help you to diagnose the issues before you take your car to an auto mechanic. Burning Timber Modern cars do not contain much timber. However, if you are out driving and you smell burning timber, this could be a sign that your brake pads are failing. [Read More]

Common Car Problems That Could Actually Be Electrical

When your car acts up, diagnosing the actual root of the problem can often be very difficult, as many parts are meant to work together in order for the engine to start and run properly, and for you to control the car when braking, and the like. What also makes diagnosing a problem difficult is that some mechanical issues can actually be traced to electrical problems under the hood, and are not the fault of a failing part itself. [Read More]

Why There Is More to a Custom Exhaust System Than Just Performance

The aftermarket parts business in the automotive world is a huge industry, catering for those who want to personalise their cars, enjoy their motoring and stand out from the crowd. Often, upgrades are purely aesthetic and meant to turn heads, but some of the aftermarket substitutions you make can really enhance the performance of your ride. Why should you consider a custom-made exhaust, for example? Custom Versus Standard The exhaust system on your car when it comes out of the factory is perfectly adequate, but rudimentary. [Read More]