Two ways to prep your vehicle for a rural road trip

The terrain found in extremely rural areas is usually quite rugged. If your car isn't designed to be used in this type of challenging environment (that is, if it isn't a four-wheel-drive or other off-road vehicle), driving on rough terrain for more than a few days is likely to do some damage. Here are two ways to prepare your car for this type of road trip.

Have a nudge bar fitted

If you'll be driving in rural areas, it's quite likely that you will, at some point, share the road with some wild animals. Unfortunately, creatures such as kangaroos and deer often leap out onto roads very abruptly; when this happens, the chances of you colliding with them are quite high, as there is almost no time to react. The force with which these large, heavy animals can hit a vehicle is astounding; the impact can often end up destroying the front section of a vehicle.

To prevent these encounters from damaging your car and endangering you and your passengers, it's a good idea to have a nudge bar fitted onto the front of your vehicle. Nudge bars are extremely robust pieces of metal that are designed to absorb and then spread the impact that a car sustains when it hits something. By doing this, they can significantly reduce the amount of damage that is done to the car's engine parts, lights and other important components.

Invest in some mud terrain tyres

Generally speaking, rural roads are not as well maintained as the those located in urban areas. Standard car tyres are not designed to be driven on uneven, muddy and poorly-maintained roads. As such, if you use your normal tyres during your trip,  they will most likely end up damaged. There's also a much higher chance of them losing their grip if you drive over a particularly muddy, wet patch of ground.

If you'd rather not spend your road trip dealing with flat tyres, or desperately trying to dislodge your vehicle from a muddy section of the road, it's worth purchasing some mud terrain tyres before you head off you on your journey. These type of tyres have an extra deep and wide tread pattern, which provides excellent grip, even in exceptionally slippery or uneven conditions. Furthermore, because they're made from a tough type of rubber, they're able to withstand the impact that occurs when driving over bumpy rural roads, without developing punctures.