How to Finalise a Great Caravan Sale

Should I sell privately or through a dealership?

Try to sell it privately if you can. There might be exceptions, but, generally speaking, selling your caravan privately means that you get a greater percentage of the asking price or your buyer's bid. You can choose to auction it, but there's no guarantee that you'll get a price that you are completely satisfied with.

What should I be looking for when buying or selling a caravan?

Your best strategy is to research your caravan's age and service history. Additionally, check over your caravan for its condition; you don't want to misrepresent the state of your caravan to prospective buyers. Set a price that is competitive but fair; don't feel that you are compelled to undercut for the sake of a quick sale. Waiting until a peak holiday period is an excellent way to get more value out of your caravan sale; conversely, if you're looking to buy, try to buy during off-peak periods, as this increases your chances of scoring a great deal. Establishing a fair price can be tough, especially because prices for the same model can fluctuate for many reasons. Run an online search for caravans of the same make and vintage as the one you're selling. The median price should be a pretty close indication of what you can reasonably expect to earn from your sale.


When selling, be sure to mention any deal sweeteners. Such sweeteners may include added furnishings, gas supply, electronic upgrades, in-built security system, etc. Additionally, make sure that your caravan has been thoroughly cleaned. Like a house inspection, you are selling a place to live, and, as such, you should either clean it out yourself or pay a professional cleaner to get it in tip-top shape.

As a seller, you are required by law to deliver on what you have advertised for sale. For example, if you state that your caravan is roadworthy, make sure it has the certificate to prove that it is, in fact, roadworthy. Also, to safeguard yourself as a vendor, ensure that you take valid details from prospective buyers, and never hand over the keys to a buyer until you have received a full payment. If they pay by cheque, make sure the cheque has cleared through your bank before giving up your caravan. Finally, cover your bases. It's not always easy to sell big-ticket items these days, which is why its especially important to advertise your caravan far and wide. The internet is essential, and it behooves you to post your ad on many different websites.