Tips to Follow When You're Buying Second Hand Parts for Your Car

As the cost of keeping cars on the road continues to escalate by the day, the availability of second hand parts in the car market is a welcome relief for car owners who don't have enough money to purchase brand new replacement parts outright. But buying used car parts from auto salvage yards is generally riskier than purchasing new replacement parts from an authorised auto parts dealer. Why? Because it can be difficult to tell if used car parts are still in good working shape, especially if you are a novice.

If your car has broken down and you are short of cash, you may be musing on the idea of buying used parts for your car. Here are a number of tips you should follow to ensure you get a suitable part for your car the right way. 

Ask to see the salvage certificate

When you buy a second hand part for your car, there is always the risk of falling prey to unscrupulous dealers operating illegal auto salvage yards. While there are laws prohibiting the sale of used car parts with certification, it is the responsibility of buyers to exercise due diligence to ensure they are not engaging in any illegal trade. Legit sellers of used car parts usually obtain a salvage certificate from the local authorities to show that a certain part what salvaged from a particular car. When you buy a used car part from them, they can let you know the exact car where it came from, and even show you the certificate just to prove their claims. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are not buying a stolen item.

Ask for a warranty

To make sure that you are buying a part that is in good working order, you should ask your auto parts dealer to provide you with a warranty, just make sure you get all guarantees or promises in writing. The warranty will help validate your claims if the items sold to you does not fulfill the promises made to you by your parts seller. Armed with a warranty, you can demand for another part or hold the seller liable for damage that may have been caused by a substandard part.

While several car parts are reusable, it is important to know that some parts should NEVER be reused due to one reason or another. Take time to research what they are before shopping around for them on the used car parts market.