Three Warning Signs that Indicate Your Truck Needs Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment relates to the direction that the four wheels of a truck face as you drive down the road. Correct alignment allows the vehicle to achieve fuel and performance efficiency and increased traction. It also protects the tires from wearing down prematurely, a problem that can cause safety and control issues with your truck. It is important to regularly inspect your wheels and look out for the following signs that indicate you may require alignment services.

Unusual tire wear

When a truck's wheels are properly aligned, they wear down at a consistent rate. If you inspect the tires and notice strange wear on the interior or exterior edges, it could be an indication that the wheels are pulling to one side. Also, look out for tires that have seen excessive wear, especially if you replaced all the truck's wheels at the same time. Inspect the tires regularly so that you can detect any alignment issues early and have them fixed to avoid costly repairs and wheel replacements.

Truck vibrations

Have you experienced strange vibrations coming from underneath your truck and the steering wheel when driving? These vibrations could be as a result of incorrect alignment. When the tires are properly aligned, they operate smoothly as you drive on the road. However, if the tires are out of balance, they can cause the steering wheel to start shaking as you accelerate. The shaking usually starts at around 50kph and may get worse as the speed approaches 60kph. It is essential to have the truck checked once you experience these vibrations as they could also indicate a problem with the brake rotors or calipers.

Crooked steering wheel

The steering system steers the tires to a specified direction through the rotation of the steering wheel. When the truck is going straight ahead, the steering wheel should be positioned to the middle. However, if you notice that it is crooked to one side when driving on a straight stretch, it may be a sign that the tires are out of balance. Incorrect alignment can also cause the steering wheel to jerk sharply to the right or left as you drive. Look out for this sign if you regularly go offroading or run over a pothole, curb, or any other type of obstacle on the road.

Proper wheel alignment is critical if you want to maintain the performance and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Visit a truck repairs dealer for inspection and adjustment services to keep the tires in optimal performance.