A Few Tips for Choosing a Heavy-Duty Truck

When choosing a heavy-duty truck, you want to consider a few factors that go into your purchasing decision. This is because the usage of the truck will determine the features you'll want for it, from the cab to the back and the engine as well. Note a few tips for choosing a heavy-duty truck so you know you get the right one for your job. Weight of load Note the weight of each unit you might be hauling and how many units you would haul in total on any given run, or the standard weight of a load. [Read More]

Indications Your Automatic Transmission Is Acting Up

Automatic transmissions, or automatic gearboxes, are generally baffling to many motorists. Only a few people who are well-versed with these complex transmissions actually understand how they work. Regardless, every motorist needs to know when they are experiencing auto transmission problems so they can have the problems fixed as soon as possible. This is because transmission problems, if ignored, can quickly exacerbate and result in soaring repair costs that hurt your wallet. [Read More]

How to Diagnose Some Common Problems With a Car's Differential and Steering

Your car's differential system is a set of gears attached to each wheel; these gears allow two wheels to rotate at different speeds even though they're attached to each other. When your car turns a corner, the wheels on the inside of that turn will travel less distance so they actually need to move slower than the wheels on the outside of the turn. The differential gears are what allow them to do this, and when the differential system needs repairs, you may note problems turning your car or steering it. [Read More]

Learning to drive on the 'right' side of the road

Australia is one of the few developed countries where drivers drive on the left side of the road (and steering wheels are on the right of the car). This can be quite confronting for drivers who are not used to driving on this side of the road, even if they are otherwise experienced. Here are some tips to help you get used to driving on the 'right' (actually left) side of the road. [Read More]