Critical car service areas you need to pay close attention to

Looking after your car through regular service and maintenance helps extend your vehicle's lifespan and increases its reliability and safety. Proper maintenance prevents risks of car accidents, improves performance and saves you money in the long run.  Every working part of your vehicle is essential; you should never overlook anything. However, here are some critical areas you need to pay close attention to during car service.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are small electrical elements that play a significant role in the engine. They provide the ignition that sets off the fuel and air mixture in the engine's combustion chamber. They set off the explosions needed to produce energy. Just like all electrical elements, spark plugs wear out over time and begin to malfunction. When they do, the result is drastically lowered engine efficiency causing the engine to work harder. Good spark plugs ensure your engine runs smoothly, saves you fuel and extends the lifespan of the vehicle.


Your car's engine needs oil to ensure all moving parts rotate and work properly. Oil provides the needed lubrication to protect engine parts from friction and heat. Engine oil ages with time, this is because it gets contaminated with bits of metal and exhaust gases from the cylinders. The heat from the engine also breaks down oil and reduces its viscosity, leading to reduced effectiveness.  Ensure you change your engine oil before it breaks down and becomes ineffective. Most car manufacturers recommend a maximum distance you can cover between oil changes. Modern vehicles even have an onboard monitoring system that reminds you when your car is due for its next oil change. In case your vehicle is a second-hand purchase that did not come with an instruction manual, you can find oil change information by searching through the relevant manufacturer's website or on online forums.

Air filter

An air filter protects your car engine by ensuring all air going into the combustion chamber is free of dirt and any foreign particles. If left unchanged, air cleaners become clogged and cause reduced air supply to the engine. Restricted air supply leads to a drastic reduction in engine power and fuel efficiency and in severe cases can cause stalling.   Air filters need to be replaced after a period of time or after driving a particular number of miles, usually specified by your car manufacturer. Driving in more severe conditions like dusty urban and rural areas may require more frequent filter changes.  

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