Auto Body Repairs: The Different Types Available

Getting involved in a collision or a fender bender can leave your vehicle with an array of damages including scratches, dents and more. Some motorists may assume that minor repairs can be left untouched as a means of being cost effective. However, this can significantly decrease the value of your vehicle. Luckily, there is an assortment of auto body repairs that you could choose that would suit your specific damages and budget. Taking your vehicle to an auto mechanic allows them to determine the repair method that would be most suitable. Below are some of the different types of auto body repairs you could consider for restoring the state of your vehicle.

Paintless dent repairs

This type of auto body repair I also commonly referred to as PDR. It is one of the methods that have revolutionised auto repairs, as it is not as laborious or time-consuming as other forms of auto body repairs. As the name suggests, this type of repair is carried out when your vehicle's body has acquired dents. Instead of the mechanic embarking on a slew of repair techniques such as sanding, repairing and more on your vehicle, all they are concerned with is the removal of the surface dents through precision tapping on the affected areas. This functions to restore your vehicle back to normal without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money or have to contend with your vehicle being out of commission for a prolonged period.


If the damage to your vehicle is extensive, then you may have to consider body fillers to remedy the damage. With this type of auto body repair, the mechanic will fill the indentations on your vehicle with a compound to make the body even again. Once the filler dries, it is smoothed down to create a smooth texture over the areas that were dented. The body filler is then given some time to cure and dry before the mechanic can embark on painting the body of the vehicle. It should be noted that in some cases it may be difficult to get the exact hue of colour that was originally used on the body of your vehicle. Thus, the paint job may differ slightly from the original manufacturer's.

Bumper replacement

Typically, your vehicle's bumpers tend to be exposed to most of the impact when you are involved in a collision. If the collision was severe, it could permanently damage your bumpers, which would require replacement. Since bumpers are not all designed the same, it would be prudent for your mechanic to order one that would match both the model and the make of your vehicle.